New Amazon Dexe Hair Locking Spray

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Amazon Dexe Hair Locking Spray sold in Lagos Nigeria is used with Dexe Hair Building Fibers, this hair spray helps maximize results.

Specially formulated to hold Dexe hair fibers in place and provides impressive, long-lasting resistance to wind, rain, and perspiration.

While hair fibers have their own innate staying power, you can get a more confident hold in blustery outdoor conditions by using a few sprays of this ultra-strong Dexe Hair Fibre Locking Spray.

Hair Fibre Locking Spray is suitable for any user and is designed specifically to be used alongside Dexe Hair Building Fibres . It also works well with any other available hair building fiber out there.

With translucent shine enhancers and UV filters, this hardworking spray even helps protects colour from sun damage and delivers an unrivaled natural-looking finish with every use.

The tried and tested spray system has been carefully selected for its wide and gentle spray application so as not to dislodge your perfect fiber pattern when applying.

After applying the fibers, lightly spray the applied areas with Locking Spray.


Usage of Amazon Dexe Hair Locking Spray

  • Lightly spray the areas where Hair Building Fibers is applied, about 6 inches away from the scalp.
  • When not in use, close the container tightly and store away from moisture.


Additional information

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