New Living Bitters Tonic


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Living Bitters Tonic, is an all-natural African herbal tonic with guaranteed results!!

It Speeds up the natural cleansing of the entire system.

Features of Living Bitters Tonic

  1. *Improves intestinal absorption as it gently empties the bowels.
  2. *Cleanses out the old toxic fecal matter, mucus (phlegm), encrustations (hard coatings) from the… colon wall
  3. *Helps normalize the peristaltic action and rebuild the entire system.
  4. *Purifies the blood
  5. *Take away fullness and heaviness
  6. *Prevents and clears boils, pimples, and skin problems
  7. *Regulates menstrual flow, eliminates painful and irregular menstruation, and also improves fertility in women
  8. *Helps one slim naturally without any side effect
  9. *Relives gas in the bowel, expels worms. Ingredients: Bitters Aloes and other natural cleansing and curative herbs

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